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Here be what Martin plays, on what, and with whom


(download size)
Composer(s) Martin's feature Band Sample time
Allman Brothers/McCall high energy kit solo of ancient origins Eclipse 9:26
Zenith of Mars (6.2Mb)
McCall MM on keyboard percussion and various drums hai 6:38
Dark Matter (18.6Mb)
Myers/McCall Drums and percussion Hands 15:52
Broken Premise (2.9Mb)
Joseph Brenna kit and octobans Flash to Bangtime 3:10
Denali (2.4Mb)
Joseph Lee kit and 6" roto tom The Zone 2:38
Safari (4.2Mb)
Flash to Bangtime 18" roto tympani and octobans (maybe other stuff, too?) Flash to Bangtime 4:34
Creatures (2.9Mb)
Steve Ellison kit Flash to Bangtime 3:06
Udu Voodoo (1.5Mb)
McCall/Johnson udu and mathal Spazz 1:35
Tourrette's Symphony (6.5Mb) McCall/Johnson jazz kit Spazz 6:45
Chiles/Bozarth/McCall kit and bongos hai 5:34
Wild Rumpus (1.0Mb)
Benton/Chiles vocalings and timbales hai 1:07
Butler kanjira Rhett Butler 2:49
Beat Daddy (1Mb)
McCall/Chiles Martin's delusions of beat poetry and bongos ooga booga :59
Oleo (10.0Mb)
Sonny Rollins jazz kit Band du Jour 10:28


Band Title Video Link
Ooga Booga
Hold on to Your Heart YouTube Video
Zoku YouTube Video
Martin's not exactly acting career
The Eleventh Commandment  YouTube Video
Rhett Butler Group/Ultra Lounge  
Del Sol YouTube Video
Impending Bloom
Tarrega's Theme YouTube Video
Impending Bloom
Spanish Cadence YouTube Video


Please visit the Hot Links page for other samples from Martin's current groups and projects.



Peer and other quotes to Martin or other peers about Martin.    huh?

"I like your drummer" — Thomas Dolby
"I'm sorry I don't remember you.
I'm just glad I survived the sixties"
— Larry Coryell
"Play less" — Mark O'Connor
"This is the best group Jerry has had" — Julian LaCroix
"Bless you, Martin" — Patrice Pike (sigh)
"Marry me!" — Karen Bella (sigh,some more)
"It was just like you knew the song" — Sara Hickman (triple sigh)
"Drummers just get in my way" — Chuck Rainey
"He's well behaved" — neighbor lady
"Martin, please!" — lots of people
"What time are you done playing?" — fans?
"What's that smell?" — anonymous
"Shut up and play!" — Kent, Rhett, Andy, Mark, Ann,
Michael, Ernie, David, Tom, ...........more to come.


.......and now a word from Martin's left brain hemisphere
.......................................................... zzzzzzzz